FW: [Special] [ascomhelp] Important Update for People Using Platform 6.

Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering

FYI – New ASCOM Platform Service Pack. This contains fixes for the Device Hub application.


See message below from ASCOM platform developer Peter.




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Subject: [Special] [ascomhelp] Important Update for People Using Platform 6.


Hi all,

We have just posted a release candidate for ASCOM Platform 6.5 Service Pack 1: https://github.com/ASCOMInitiative/ASCOMPlatform/releases. This addresses a serious bug in the Transform component that was introduced in the initial Platform 6.5 release and which is known to have manifested in the Astro-Physics driver and in the AstroTortilla application. Other drivers and applications may also have been impacted.

If you have installed the initial Platform 6.5 release, we strongly advise you to update to the service pack 1 release candidate.

If you have already installed an early beta version of the service pack 1 release, we also advise you to update to the release candidate because it includes further fixes and supports clean reversion to Platform 6.4 SP1 if required.

In addition to fixing the Transform bug, service pack 1 includes several Device Hub and installer fixes. The Platform releases link above contains a full list of changes.

The Platform and Developer Components installers have been submitted to VirusTotal and are passed by all major anti-virus scanners. SHA1 and SHA256 checksums are listed immediately above the installer executables in the releases link above.

Best wishes, Peter

Jerry Hubbell
Vice President of Engineering

Explore Scientific, LLC.
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