Clarified UFCT Instructions To Correct Startup Issue #ExploreScientific #UFCT

Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering

I updated the Universal Firmware Configuration Tool to clarify the instructions to correct a startup problem that you may encounter if you startup the UFCT prior to connecting to and powering up your PMC-Eight system. Now with the new UFCT version 1.0.B 2021-04-24 (Available in the installation kit in the files section) It will show a Message Box shown here warning you to connect to and power up the PMC-Eight prior to starting the UFCT, The issue is that the PMC-Eight COM Port will not show up in the UFCT if you connect to it AFTER starting the program.

When you hit OK, it will show the normal application form:

I have circled the changed areas in RED.  Note the addition of the RESTART UFCT button to facilitate restarting the program after connecting and powering up the PMC-Eight. After you restart the UFCT, the COM Port for your PMC-Eight should now show up in the COM Port dropdown listbox.

Hopefully this will clear up any confusion caused by the incorrect instructions on the previous version. I apologize for any inconvenience.
Jerry Hubbell
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