#ExploreStars ExploreStars.app Android tablet installation test #ExploreStars


Astronomy enthusiasts around me often ask me questions about installing ExploreStars.app on my Android tablet after getting EXOS2 or iEXOS100.
I tested a lot of Android tablets
Most Android tablets on the market can be installed normally, and a few Android tablets have the problem of not being able to find the SQL database after installation.
I solved it this way. Copy the /ExploreStars directory on the MicroSD to the host directory:
It runs normally
Normal operation without MicroSD
I don’t know if there will be problems when running without a MicroSD card.
At least I haven't found it yet
Yunnan Amateur Astronomers Association(YAAA) ,Kunming,Yunnan,China
Mounts: ES-G11(PMC8),ES-EXOSII(PMC8 / Bresser GoTo),EX-iEXOS100
Telescopes: ES-APO152/APO127/APO102/APO80/David H. Levy Comet Hunter/N208F3.9
Cameras: ZWO ASI 071/1600MM/178/174/120,QHY-5L-II/5LIII/8/9,Canon 6D
Control device:  ASIAIR , TDM


Howe werkt de alligmant op een tablet? I have android