Ascom error using All Sky Plate Solver #ASCOM


Hey all. 
I am trying to plate solve wirelessly with my iexos100, and after taking the pictures, and solving the image, my last step was to "solve and sync" which I assume will physically move my Mount to the proper coordinates. I keep getting an error after clicking the button

Any thoughts? 

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Wes Mcdonald


Not sure about how the plate solver works that you are using.   But….

What version of firmware are you using?

Hiw are you connected, with ascom via poth or hub?  How is the plate solver connected to ascom?

Are you successful in using ascom to move your mount around say with stellarium or CDC?


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Jennifer Shelly

Use ASTAP instead of ASPS and your plate solving woes will disappear.

Jennifer Shelly
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