About buying EXOS 2GT #EXOS2

Vijay <vijaysam@...>

I am thinking of buying an EXOS2 mount and planning to use with a 6" newtonian weighing around 13 pounds.
Some questions:
1. How well will this mount handle the load which could be around 18-20 pounds? I have seen some using 8" telescopes as well loading quite heavy. But it will be great what experience and advice anyone who has tried can share. I know this mounts load capacity is 28 pounds for astrophotography.
2. How does this mount stack against Orion Sirius, AVX or HEQ5 with same load capacity? What are the advantages/disadvantages with this mount?
3. How well does it work with ASI AIR if anyone had success with it? I have an iEXOS 100 mount already on ASI AIR as well. Is there anything specific I need to know to get EXOS2 working with ASI AIR?
4. Any other experience or advice around this mount.


Vijay <vijaysam@...>

Also, Is the latest EXOS2 with PMC 8 just the same old EXOS2 (white painted) mount with the hand controller upgraded to use the PMC 8 system or is it a completely new design? Looks still like the older EXOS2 for me though painted black?

What about mounting a Celestron RASA 8" which weighs 17lbs for the tube alone on this mount? Anyone any experiences?

Mark Christensen


I've worked with the older CG-5 class mounts, including the old white Bresser EXOS-2GT (sans PMC8 system) for years, with 6" f/5s and 4.25" f/4s and things like that.

For the kind of scopes you are talking about you should be fine. It isn't just the weight that matters, it is the focal length of the  instrument since that determines how sensitive to errors (no matter what the source) your imaging experience will be.

Where people sometimes get into trouble with mounts of this class is when they try to image at 2000mm focal length, such as with a 8 inch SCT, without any prior experience. While some can pull it off a lot of folks get frustrated. With a 6 inch f/4 your focal length is 600mm, so you should be fine. Just don't load it up with a super-heavy (and expensive) APO scope as a guider!

And be sure and get a coma corrector.

No comment on all the fancy wireless stuff.

Mark Christensen

Vijay <vijaysam@...>


Thanks for responding.

Yes, I have got a coma corrector as well.


Vijay <vijaysam@...>

For RASA 8", the focal length is 400mm. So your comments give me an idea that there are no worries on that as well with the sensitivity of errors.

Timothy Myers


I didn't see a response to your question about the older Bressler EXOS2-GT and the ES branded EXOS2-GT with PMC8.

I had similar questions I posed to Jerry before buying mine this past January. The older style mount (Jerry will correct me if I get this wrong) used bushings, not bearings, and if I remember correctly used DC motors. The newer ES Branded mount has been redesigned with bearings all around and uses stepper motors. I had read some discouraging comments about the older style mounts and most everyone, including me that has the newer EXOS2-GT with PMC8 is very happy with their choice. Hope that answers your question.
Tim Myers

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