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Andreas Just

Hi, didn't find any topic in the group...

I've a IXOS-100 and wanted to use it with Stellarium over a Windows tablet. Installed Ascom 6.5 and the ES_PMC8 ASCOM Driver (2019_01_07_AnyCPU)

The ExploreStars App works, but I don't like Wifi Connections ;-)


On two machines there is no way to select the driver in the "ASCOM Telescope Chooser". The software freezes when I try to open the properties and only a hard software kill will help.

What can I do?



I have had difficulties with using Stellarium wired to an iexos pmc8 using a laptop and could only get things to work when I used Cartes du Ciel instead of of Stellarium. However, I then discovered CdC don't do an android version so have not continued. I suspect that there might be some problems with a serial connection on a tablet and/or the android version of stellarium. I would check using a laptop or PC first and see if you can get things working and then try the tablet. You've probably got too many unknowns at the moment and you're going to have to start a process of elimination.

One thing you can do on the tablet is to not open Stellarium but check if your Ascom is working. In version 6.5 look for the device hub and see if you can select the pmc8, unpark it, slew it and repark it. You need to be able to do that before you worry about Stellarium.

Wes Mcdonald


I used a windows tablet just fine with ascom and my exos2.  

Suggest you install ascom 6.4 instead of 6.5.  While some have had an ok experience with 6.5 I believe issues with stellarium and 6.5 have been reported.  

Be sure to use the POTH hub to connect.  Select the Es ascom driver in the poth chooser.  Then In stellarium select poth hub in the ascom chooser.

You should load the Es driver which is “anycpu” version. It works with either 32 or 64 bit versions and seems to be trouble free on windows machines.

Also make sure your usb cable has both power and data lines.  And you must have an FTDI usb-serial driver installed on the tablet.  

Let us know how you make out


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Andreas Just

Hi, I figured the out the problem ... 6hours :-(

I installed it on several (4)machines and tested it on both tablets (Panasonic FZ-G1 (Win10) and Motion CL910 (Win7) - normaly used as GPS (and much more) on my motorbikes) and my develop machine - no success. But it runs on my server!.... ?

The three machines have GPS and "Franson GPS-Gate" installed. This program creates virtual COM Ports and maps the GPS data on these ports, so that you can use GPS in different programs. And ASCOM - not the PMC-Eight driver - has a problem with these virtual COM ports. Deactivating these virtual ports will result in reaching the properties without any problem.

Thank you for your input - I've tried everything ;-)



Glad you discovered the problem nd thanks for letting us know what the solution was.