ES G11 / ExploreStars issues [1 Attachment]

David Pickett

At 18:29 30-04-18, [ESPMC-Eight] wrote:
Questions for Jerry (or anyone else that may be able to answer):

What function do the RA Direction and DEC Direction controls perform?
They are instead of steering the mount by hand;
as long as the clutches are engaged, PMC will
continue to know where the mount is pointed.

Also, would a .33 difference in the tracking
rate present itself visibly in the eyepiece in a
very short period of time, or is it something
that would present itself in a long exposure (5 minutes +)?
(0.33/53.33) x 100 = 0.62%

Since the stars move 15°/hour, or 1.25° per 5
minutes, even if your mount doesnt move for five
minutes, a star will only have moved 1.25° from
the centre of view. If the field of view of your
scope/eyepiece is greater than 2.5°, the star
will not have reached the edge of the field of
view in 5 minutes! Thus, if your mount is
tracking 0.62% slower than it should be, the star
should still be well in view after longer than 5 minutes.