ES G11 Update

Sunil Bhaskar Bhaskaran


         I have been able to test the mount extensively and I am happy to say that the issues seem to have been resolved. I am also missing the wavy washer in the RA as per the poll . For some reason I am unable to respond to the Yahoo groups messages and sent an email to yahoo regarding this. I am uploading some the images I managed to take with the mount :

Phd2 Guidelog :


Phd2 Screen shot :

  Thanks for the constant guidance and support Jerry. Looking forward to meeting you & the gang at NEAF. Too bad I will miss the PMC8 conference.

P.S : Sorry for link forwarding but I am unable to attach any documents. The icon is greyed out. 




Hi Sunil,

These are awesome images!! I am sure others in the group will be inspired by your great work. I think the guiding is about the best I have seen out of any G11 PMC-Eight mount. You work is very impressive, I am going to share it with Scott Roberts and Greg Bragg.

Thanks again! I am glad your mount is working like it should now.

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.