EXOS-2 tracking for AP?




I'm wondering if anyone here is using an EXO2-2 mount with PMC-8 for astrophotography?  And if you do, how do you like it, and how reliable is the tracking and goto?  Just trying to calibrate my expectations.


I'm considering this mount specifically for luggable/inexpensive small-refractor/DSLR AP use. Not interested in the wifi/tablet aspect, thinking about other control programs and a connected laptop at the mount for now.  I know I'll need to find a reliable serial-to-usb connector to make this work for mount control. 


If you do have one of these, I'd really like to know how well unguided tracking at 30 sec. and greater worked  out for you, with your scope.  What length exposures are you regularly able to manage?  If you've tried it guided, how well did that work out?  






I just got the EXOS-2Gt (not the PMC-8) and so far RA is very smooth but DEC is a problem- stiction and the motors on the side make balancing DEC problematic. I was getting 2.5-3’ RMS with a 19lb loaf last night. If I can get the DEC smooth and find a way to balance the OTA I think it will do 2’ RMS guided which is fine for wide field work. I’d like to put a DSLR on it with a 200mm lens.

Yours should be better since you have belt drive and better motors.


Thanks!    A short review of EXOS-2 w/PMC-8 for AP did finally turn up, over on CN.  The reviewer had a couple of issues, but in the main was pretty happy and turning out very nice work, guided only.