ExploreStars for iOS/Android

David Pickett

Is anyone working on porting ExploreStars to, or
developing other controller software for, PMC-Eight on iOS or Android?

In thinking about this, I realise that the boat
has probably sailed for what would perhaps be the
most suitable of my own devices: a 3rd gen iPad.
It runs iOS 9. This runs a little more slowly
than the version it came with; but it is quite
adequate for email, surfing, reading, etc.
However, as a 32-bit device, it may not be
allowable to get new software for it from the
Apple Store. The same goes for my iPhone 5. A
similar disadvantage may apply to the Android
phone (Motorola Droid X) that I used when I lived
in the USA. It still works with wifi and has useful apps on it.

It would be nice to be able to use a handheld
device, rather than the 13" notebook that I
have. But I'd hate to think that I would have to
spent 800 $/€/£ on an iPhone 8 in order to run
PMC-Eight software on it! Surely 64-bit hardware is not needed for these tasks.

News of what people are working on would be welcome.