ExploreStars iOS tracking and point button?


I am relatively new with this mount and am realizing more and more that I need to really learn to polar align lol.  I came from a Celestron Advanced VX where it was more forgiving on that.  I can’t polar align from my backyard as there are lots of trees to the north and will be attempting to learn to do drift alignment very soon. I also have the difficulty of trees and light pollution and alignment stars in explorestars is proving difficult as well.

But in the meantime, I’ve had luck at least going to Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.  With the mount pointed north and using ps align pro to daytime align, and just booting up ExploreStars iOS on my iPad and immediately going to the planets.  It gets me close enough and I slew a little to get it in an eyepiece and then the camera.  I do see that it’s tracking but the planet I’m looking at will move and I need to keep slewing to keep it there. I know that you can enter the coordinates directly, but I’ve also read on here that the point/track indicator is now a button? So I guess the coordinates you’re on are copied as your new target?  It sounds like this is so in the iOS version of ExploreStars, but I’m not seeing it.  It may be that I need to do some alignment stars before it becomes a button?  I have the latest version on my iPad.  

I realize I may be pushing the limits of not polar aligning, but I’m just trying to capture the bright planets while they’re out, and it would be nice if I could get it to Point at the coordinate I’m on without having type it in. It does seem to stay when I do.

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Mount: ES EXOS-2GT w/PMC-8
Scopes: Celestron Edge HD8,  Lunt LS60THa DS
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