Feeling stupid... help please!

Devin Gingrich

My beautiful new EXOS2 with PMC-Eight got delivered a few days ago and I’ve been having issues connecting to the PMC-Eight. I’ve tried a Surface Pro (Windows 10 Pro) and a Surface 4 (Windows 8.1 Pro) and, after installing the data files, both just get to the “Please Wait” message in the app and never seem to connect.

I’ve been reading the manual in the Bresser page ( but can’t seem to get a listing of how to decipher the LED function lights. Is there a guide somewhere that deciphers what they mean?

I am in the process of installing Windows 10 on my McaBook Pro in Bootcamp in the hopes that maybe there is just something goofy with the Surface line that isn’t compatible with the PMC-Eight yet. I am also installing the ASCOM driver set, trying to connect via that route in hopes of proving it isn’t a fault with the PMC-Eight and more on the App/Windows machine side of things.

Any thoughts/tips/suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Devin Gingrich

Well... after finally bringing myself to ask help here, I thought I’d try one last thing: to reset the PMC-Eight and see if that did anything. When trying to press the reset button, I noticed that nothing was happening (no noticeable click). I wiggled the reset button around gently, and it released itself. Apparently it was stuck down/depressed and in a constant reset mode. Anywho, the other lights came on and I’ve been able to control the mount from both surfaces and the Bootcamp Windows install on my Mac.

Very strange... just so happy it’s working though!!