i have purchased a used iExos100 and i would like to know if i need to update the firmware.

To check the version, i have conected the iPad via wifi, click in "About".
It say:
ES Version: 2.1.9    DB Ver: 2,3[85643]     FW Ver:2.03

is it possible that the firmware has already been updated?

Kind Regards,

Aaron Thompson

Hello Abel,

If you just received the mount I would guess that it has the current firmware on it.

To make sure you have the newest firmware you have to use the "PMC8 Configuration manager".  This Allows you to update to the current firmware. In this manager once you have connected to the iEXOS-100 via a usb cable.  You can update to the newest firmware from the in the "firmware" tab.

The Other tool that you will want to use is the "PMC-Eight Universal Firmware Configuration tool 1.1" .  Yes they really named these like they are Ex-Nuclear Console engineers! :-)

Anyway once you have the mount connected Via usb if you have any troubles we can help out. FYI the mount will connect as a Serial device. Set the mount type and click FIND and it should discover the com port it is connected to.

All the files and some PDF help documents can be found in the files section here in groups.  FILES
I hope you enjoy that mount, I am !