I am having some difficulty connecting to the PMC-8

David Pickett

Welcome to the group! It is always helpful to
know what mount you have and where you are located.

Note that the PMC-8 WIFI is set up as an ad hoc
network. This means that connectivity is limited.
Normal operation is with a Windows 10 laptop or
tablet and the connection made will be between
the laptop or tablet and the PMC-8 box only.

Referring to the PMC-8 manual, The SSID of your
PMC-8 will be "PMC-Eight-xx" (where xx is a
number assigned by Explore Scientific) and the
password is "PMC-Eight". You should see yellow
LEDs flash as the connection is made. Your
Windows machine will say that there is no
internet connection (true!). Having made the
connection between the windows machine and tht
box, you can proceed to run the ExploreStars app
and control your mount with it. Alternatively,
you can use ASCOM with Stellarium or Cartes du ciel to do this.

I hope this helps. If not, get back to us!

Best wishes,


At 18:53 13-03-18, perri.410@... [ESPMC-Eight] wrote:

I recently got the PMC-8 and have been having
some trouble getting it to work. The wifi
network that the PMC-8 creates (which I believe
I am supposed to connect to) is password locked.
I do not know the password to connect to it, so
I can't connect to the PMC-8. Would anyone know
how to deal with this or what the password might be? Thank you!



Thank you for your reply! 

The password of "PMC-Eight" that you gave me was the correct one. Everything seems to be working now.