iexos 100 #iexos-100


Good morning Sirs my name is Ettore Ribaudo and I receveid yesterday my mount but I have big problem:
1) USB have a random problem with connect.
2) wifi functions good.
3) mount not move in nothing direction.
4)i tried with app explorer but see for ten minut "I wait"
Alimentation mount with battery. 
My pc is a laptop with Mac and bootcamp. 
Sorry for my English. 

Steve Siedentop

Hi Ettore -

A couple of questions...

Do other USB devices work without issue?
What Mac model are you using?

I'm having a USB port issue with my Mid-2012 Macbook Pro running Windows 10 on Bootcamp.  It consistently won't connect to certain devices like my Polemaster camera.  I'm don't know yet if it's a Bootcamp issue, a Bootcamp driver issue, or a Windows driver issue.

Mounts: ES PMC-8 G11, Skywatcher NEQ-6, Celestron AVX
Scopes: ES ED127CF FCD100, Celestron C6, Stellarvue SV80ED, Coronado Solarmax 40
Cameras:  CentralDS CDS-600, Canon T3i, Orion Starshoot SSAG
Msc: Moonlite Focusers, Astrozap Dew Straps, Pegasus Ultimate PowerBox
Software: PixInsight, Cartes du Ciel, BackyardEOS, Stellarmate/INDI/K-Stars/EKOS, Astro IIDC, SkySafari


My Mac is mid 2013 retina, i have all drivers for bootcamp for win 10 and i have found problem, usb work perfect.
The problem is that  Wi-Fi and i resolved but the engines feel but don't spin the belt like that?
I have new batteries


Hi ettore,
did you download also the configurations manager ?
With that tool you can switch the pmc-8 between serial ( wire). wi-fi an tablett mode.
When you receive the iexos 100 the pmc-8 is in the tablett mode so the engines spin only when you use an tablett.
Even when the Wi-fi is on.
I guess that is the problem.
Donload the pmc 8  configurations manager and you can fix your problem.
greetings Wolfgang.