iEXOS-100 3D Printed 'Pole Master' Mount

Alex Z.

Hello fellow iEXOS-100 mount owners,

I created a snap-in 'Pole Master' mount for the iEXOS-100. I offer it as a humble gift to the community. Happy Holidays!!

You can find more information here:

Download the 3D model here:

If you find this helpful let me know?


Alex Zarvis
Blackstar Observatory

Wes Mcdonald

Excellent Alex.  Excellent.  Gonna get it made at 3D hubs.   


Wes, Southport NC
EXos2-GT PMC-8, iExos 100
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Polemaster, Orion ST-80 and SAG, ZWO 290MM, D5300 astro modified
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Aaron Thompson

Nice work,  I like how you used the support tree to solve for keep the center peg round and the curved surface smooth.