locked Iexos 100 PMC Eight and Asiair plus #iEXOS-100



I'm using the mount mentioned and bought an Asiair plus and I am wondering what type of cable I need to get the Asiair plus to recognise the mount?

And any particular dovetail bar to mount a scope and Asiair plus to?

I'm a beginner and haven't really gotten a clue to be honest.

Thanks for your help in advance

Wes Mcdonald

Hi Marty

Welcome to the Forum. You will find lots of folks here who can help you out.

For ASI air questions it is best to join the applications sub group.  This is where non-pmc8 questions are posted and responded to, and where the asi air users will help you out.


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Thank you 

I will post there


Hi and sorry, could you send me the link to that sub group? I'm having a bit of trouble finding it here?



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