iExos mounted to 3rd party tripod #iexos-100

Jay Sanchez

Just for reference:

I was able to adapt the iExos for use on my Bogen and O'connor tripod. I made a wooden donut/ring so that the iExos would sit on top of the tripod's bowl -- just dropped off the wooden mockup at a local metal shop to be fabricated in aluminum.

Not sure if the ES azimuth adjuster will work in this case as the 3/8" screw (from the tripod underneath) might not be long enough to reach the Self Center Knob of the azimuth adjuster...

Patrick Maher

I had the same idea and made my own adapter to fit the iEXOS-100 to my EXOS-2 tripod and my permanent pier.  This homemade adapter worked just fine although without any fine azimuth control but I have since purchased the ES mount adapter.  I like having the fine azimuth control and, of course, a metal adapter is a better finish for this type of thing.   I also made a couple of wood adapters like this for two homemade pipe mounts (one alt-azimuth and one equatorial) hence the extra plywood donuts in one of the images.  


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Great idea Patrick, I've been thinking about a permanent pier too. I also like the quality of your photos.

James Ball

My prototype pier, the mounting plate is simply a treated 2x6 with a hole cut through it slightly larger than the mount bottom, I have the plastic ring from the factory tripod screwed to the plate to keep the mount centered, a long bolt and washer holds it down.  Trying to decide if I will go with longer 4x4 mounted in concrete or a steel pipe for the final pier.  It would need to be about a 10' pipe or post to be tall enough.

James Ball
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Kent Marts Explore Scientific Customer Service

Jay, the azimuth plate's azimuth screws push against what I've always called the north post. I've attached a photo as an example.

You might be able to overcome the situation by adding a bolt to the wooden plate.

Kent Marts
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