it's all working together

Brent Phillips

Just want to say thank you to Jerry and everyone in this group.  I have been able to use the G11 without issue for several nights now.  Cartes Du Ciel is working like a champ, the Pole Master is a God send with this mount, PHD2 is tracking perfect, and even the Xbox controller is helping when doing final adjustment for alignment. every thing is working so well in fact the first night I thought I would push the guiding and got 5 minute subs with no issue (could have gone longer but didn't want to get greedy yet).  The only thing I have not tried yet is Plate Solving with this mount or using Sequence Generator Pro to set up a night of shooting.  It is nice to see this mount come into its own and give the performance I was hoping for when I bought this mount.  Well done.  


Thanks Brent, that's the good news I hope every PMC-Eight customer gets to experience. I look forward to seeing your results. I think we have a very good group of people on this forum and look forward to hearing about everyone's experience with the system.

Thanks again!

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.

W. Christopher Moses

Just FYI - 
I haven't used plate solving in SGPro, but I use it with literally every slew in TheSkyX.  It does a great job of centering my targets.