Maiden voyage of EXOS2 GT PMC 8 #EXOS2

K Creech

Me, the cat, and the dog got my Exos-2GT PMC8 out for its maiden voyage last night.  Had a technical hitch with the SVBony CCD that was not resolved until later but we did manage to capture something of a picture using my phone camera and my not so steady hand.  But the mount performed flawlessly.  I had to just trust that the motors were tracking because you simply can’t hear them!
Mount: EXOS2-GT PMC-8
OTA: Orion Sky View 8 Deluxe


Well sir, what a night for first light! Love your pic. Please give your little friends an appropriate skritch courtesy of me - love the astro-dogs and kitties in out field - it helps to have company.
Cheers, Bob
(A recently retired CTO, returning to the hobby after a 30 year hiatus...)

Mounts: EXOS-II/PMC-8 (new); SkyWatcher Star Tracker; Meade LXD55; Celestron EQ Fork
Optics: RedCat-51; 1980's Celestron C-11; Meade AR5; Various DSLR lenses
Cameras: ASI071MC & ASI183MC (DSO); ASI178MC (Lunar/Planetary); ASI290MM (guiding); Sony A700 DSLR (desperation)
Misc: Pegasus Pocket Power Adv (power mgmt, USB hub, dew control); ZWO EAF; ZWO 1-Filter Drawer;
PCs: Dell Latitude Laptop, Win10Pro (ASCOM, near-mount control); Pi4b, Linux/Stellarmate (INDI, on-mount control);
         Home-built Workstation, Win10Pro (remote control, processing); Galaxy S6 Tablet
Capture Software: PHD2; SharpCap4 Pro /w ASTAP; NINA; Stellarium; ASCOM 6.5.1; Stellarmate/EKOS/INDI;
Processing SW: PixInsight; Deep Sky Stacker; GIMP; F4W2HDU; Autostakkert; PIPP; RegiStax6
Wish-list: 5-inch class APO; Losmandy/PMC8 G-11; RASA-11?
Favorites: Vast glowing clouds of gas and dust


Very nice picture of the moon. I wanted to take pictures of the lunar eclipse but it was too cloudy last night. Maybe next time
Carter Sills

Retired due to disability

Ex software programmer/Web Developer/Sql developer and     IT administrator

Astrophotagraphy Tools:

IEXOS 100 PMC-Eight equatorial mount
Orion 80mm Short tube-A Doublet Achromatic scope
ZWO 120MC- S color camera used for guiding
ZWO 178MM/MC color camera used for main camera
ZWO ASI482MC camera used for main camera
TPO 0.5X focal reducer
2 inch extension tube
Orion electronic focuser
Svbony 30mm guide scope
Svbony Dew Heater Strip

Batinov mask
Svbony light pollution filter set
Celestron portable power tank


Sharpcap and ASI Studio for image capture and stacking
PHD2 for Guiding
Nina and Stellarium for target aquisition and platesolver
Nina Plate Solver programs:
Platesolver 2, ASTAP, All Sky Plate Solver, Astronomy. Net.