Gord Farmer

I’m wondering if I need to connect to the PMC8 to complete the data missing message ?

john macias

It's been several months since I loaded mine, but there is a specific folder that has to go into your pictures folder on the PC. 
Try using the automated installer: 

ExploreStars DB Installer Instructions
1. Download the installer from:!AtOwX6zN-JCxi_ARtDULDCtd-KoBcg
2. Run the installer
3. Select windows or SD card
4. Wait a few seconds for the files to be extracted
The ExploreStars DB should now be installed.

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Kent Marts Explore Scientific Customer Service

The message "Data Missing" means the app cannot see the database.

Be sure you have downloaded the correct database for your device. The Windows and Android database are different AND WILL NOT WORK interchangeably.

For Windows, download the database into the Pictures folds. Not the photos folder, or anywhere else. PICTURES FOLDER.

Restart the machine.

Launch the app: If the message changes to "PLEASE WAIT" then the database has loaded. The "Please Wait" message indicates the app is looking for the mount. 

So, shut down the app, power up the mount, connect via wifi on your device and use the password PMC-Eight. The - is important. It is the minus sign, nothing else that might look right.

From talking to Gord on the phone, I know he's using a Windows machine.

For people who are using Android, there is a MUCH DIFFERENCE procedure to follow. It has been posted by me a couple of times.

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