MoveAxis Command

W. Christopher Moses


Does anyone know if the driver supports MoveAxis?

The reason I ask is that neither Sharpcap nor TheSkyX will nudge/jog the scope.  TheSkyX will slew just fine, but the "Move/Jog" options vanish after connecting to the driver (through POTH).

Didn't it use to support it?

What do you use for fine control?  Right now I'm using one of the eq-mod components, but it is pretty flaky.


Chris Moses


I connect through Sequence Generator Pro for fine jog movements. Unfortunately I have to disconnect it before I start my imaging sequence because it will throw an error saying my scope is parked or not tracking.


Hi Chris, 

Yes the driver supports MoveAxis commands. If you connect the mount to the ASCOM POTH you can use the hand control there to demonstrate to yourself that it works. You can set the jog amount and the rate to different values.

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.