New EXOS-2/PMC-8, need advice on tracking [1 Attachment]

David Pickett


Well, finally! No seagulls, no streaks :-)
Congratulations! It looks like you nailed the mechanical problem with your set up.

I assume that #_029 is the 90 sec exposure. There are some oval stars in the corners of the shot, which are also there in the other shots. I'm guessing that these may be an optical problem and I suggest you ask for advice in the DSLR Astro Imaging forum of Cloudy Nights. Which is not to say that we dont want to know here. Please keep sending photos and let us know how you get on.



Thanks, David!

No worries - I'm not surprised at the ovals.  My scope is an early Stellarvue, a 102EDT.  Very crisp and color-free visually, but.... 

When I was deciding to take the astrophotography plunge, I emailed Vic Maris and asked him what I should expect if I used my scope for AP.  He told me that that while my scope performs well visually (and it does!), it was not designed for photographic use, and a camera will see chromatic aberration and field curvature that the eyes do not. He couldn't help with the CA, but did offer to make me a custom flattener.

In the end, I decided against.  We'll see how I do with the scope I have - for now.  I have processing to learn, and cropping and blue doughnut removal can just be part of the whole learning experience.  :-)

- Bob