New poll for ESPMC-Eight


Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the ESPMC-Eight group:
How interested are you in the ExploreStars Android application. Have you tried to install and use it?
Created by: hubbell_jerry
  1. Yes, It works for me.
  2. Yes, I had issues though.
  3. No, but I plan on using it and will install it in the future.
  4. No, I am not planning on using it at all.


Jason Haefner

I hadn't heard about the release until the poll got posted.  I have Android version installed on my phone(I know it says for tablet).  I'm going to test it anyways.  I'll get a tablet if I need to.  I just wanted to say how awesome this is and how validated I feel about my PMC-Eight purchase.  The Android app solves a huge chunk of power requirements compared to the Windows version.  At least for me.  My laptop, though only 1 generation old, only has about 3-4 hours on battery.  A phone or tablet can double that.  They also have the advantage of being easily chargeable with USB power bricks that many people already own, myself included.  This is a game changer IMO.  Thank you!