PMC-8 for iPhone/iPad


Hi :

Any target time-frame for the release of PMC-8 for iPhone/iPad?



Hi Jim,  welcome to the forum!  We are currently working on the Android version of the ExploreStars application and that is our priority. The application is not yet feature complete but we are making good progress. I would hope that we can release something after the first of the year before spring starts.

Development for Apple iOS is a bit more complex and we have been discussing the possibilities. As you know, Apple puts a lot of restrictions on the development of the apps that run on their devices, where Android is more of an open-source platform, that is what drove our development decisions here.

Also, we have a few folks interested in developing on the Linux platform, specifically an INDI driver for the PMC-Eight. I am sure those folks will chime in on what they are interested in doing going forward.

Thanks for you question Jim!

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.