Skywatcher polar scope

Jason Colbeck

Hi there every one..ūüėÄ
I've recently purchased a new exos-2 PMC-EIGHT goto mount ,,I totally love it,,,after 4 years of astrophotography with my old celestron CG4 equatorial mount with RA/dec motors.
This is a step up for me. 
I haven't attached my dslr yet as I'm still learning my way around it,,I'm enjoying using the goto ability with a 15mm eyepiece & I'm most impressed so far,,I love the musical hum & whir of the belt drives. 
Ive only tried it on the stars a few nights as the weather is atrocious lately  & I'm always a tad of target which I appreciate as I'm struggling with this unfamiliar recital imagery,,,I've always used the clockface type,,,so to cut to the chase , does any body knows if these Skywatcher polar scopes would fit my new exos-2  ? 
Thanks in advance. 


Hi Jason did you ever find out of this fits the mount?
Bill Kinnair
West Midlands UK
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