Lynn Chevalier


New ES Losmandy G-11 and scope are on their way! Had a great time at NEAF.

I'm wondering what software is recommended to connect the PMC-8, camera and guidescope for taking astrophotos?
What works well with the PMC-8 system

Does ExploreStars work well?
We have Stellarium.


W. Christopher Moses

You will want to check out at least the following programs

Guiding - Phd2,
Planetarium - CdC, Stallarium
Plate Solving - AstroTortilla
Taking pictures - Sharpcap, Sequence Generator Pro

You will also want to make sure your polar alignment is spot on.  That means either doing a drift alignment, using a program (like Shapcap), or using a PoleMaster.

For actually taking pictures, Sequence Generator Pro is the most full-featured, low-cost option.

Of course, you could opt for a single full-featured program like TheSkyX (with camera add-on) or Prism.  But, they aren't cheap.

Let me know if you want info about a specific program.
You also might want to do a search for Imaging Workflow.  Everybody has their own, and their favorite programs for each step.  If I recall correctly, Jerry has one in his (excellent) book.


Hi Lynn,

It was great seeing you at NEAF again this year. It's good to see you on the forum. I will be ordering your book so I will sign that for you and get it out to you soon.

Thanks again for your order!

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.