Fair warning on Nikons and cables...  :-)

I'm using Backyard Nikon as well, with a D5300.  BYN supports that camera via USB, and only one cable is required.  BUT, while BYN and my laptop sees a USB connection, the connector on the camera end is not a standard USB connector, even though it physically looks like one.  It's been months and I've forgotten the details, but there's a dash of 'proprietary' in the mix.

I found that the short cable that came with the Nikon kit worked fine, but it was too short for use when imaging.  When I substituted a longer, standard USB cable, it did not work.  After much rummaging on the Nikon site and googling, I discovered that a Nikon #25604 would do the job, and the cable was available from Amazon.

Your mileage will probably vary depending on your specific camera, just heads up.

And yes, BYN is just fine. 

- Bob