Software and guide scope

Lynn Chevalier

Thanks Chris!
We purchased PoleMaster with the ES Losmandy G-11 mount for PA
Since I have a Nikon, to start with I am going to try Backyard Nikon to control it.
I plan to start without a guide camera and take some short interval pictures
and then move up to guided-probably sooner vs. later.

But the first thing is to learn how to use it all.

Suggestions for a guide scope for the ED/APO 100mm?

Do you mount it on the finder bracket or handle bracket?

W. Christopher Moses

I started off with a Nikon and Backyard Nikon.  It is a good piece of software.  You should be able to get some good images.

Which Nikon are you using?  You may need a special cable or a special control box to interface with it.  There is a table on the O'Telescope Site:

I'll have to take a look at the ED100, but you want to mount it as securely as possible.  Any movement of the guide scope relative to the normal scope is called flexure and will have a visible impact on your photos. Preferable are full rings or a clamshell mounted to the scope via a dovetail plate. But that isn't 100% necessary.

Are you using a focal reducer or flattener?

DeepSkyStacker is a good, and free, program to get started with when stacking DSLR images.