Tracking noises - pulses or continuous tracking?



I was a bit surprised/scared by the "breathing sounds" of my new
iEXOS-100 mount, but according to a video of the moon taken at a great
magnification (see the
sounds seem to correspond to tracking movements of the mount - it seems
to happen in pulses, "hunting" behind the object. What makes me puzzled
is the fact, that the first iEXOS-100 mount I have hold in my hands did
a *continuous* tracking sound, not in short pulses like this one.

So, I just wonder, what is the standard tracking behaviour of the mount?
I suppose that a continuous slow movement would be more suitable for
astrophotography than such "jumps".(*) Can two mounts behave
differently? Or is there another factor I have not been thinking of?

Best regards,

*) Of course, I am well aware of the fact that this mount is not
supposed to support magnifications/focal lengths like this one.