Unable to download App.


First Timer here.  Am really interested in this software and have been monitoring talks on cloudy nights.

Anyway I am running Windows 7 and the Windows App Store wasn't started until Windows 8.  As a result I could not download the App.

Will this App will run on just about any Windows platform?

Or do I have to upgrade my Window Platform?

If not where do I get the App?




Unfortunately, I don't believe the ExploreStars application will work on a Windows 7 machine as it was designed from the start as a Windows 8 tablet or as it's known, a Metro Application. It was developed on a Windows 8 system and is not compatible with Windows 7 as it is not really a desktop application.



Thanks for the update.  Maybe to bad for me, right now, 

I have gone through alot of info on this system, at the Explore Stars web site, Cloudy nights & the youtube vids.

It is only stated as a Windows program.  No version listed anywhere.

If what you say is true Explore Stars might want to make that known.



I think that you have already alluded to the information in that it is only available from the Microsoft Windows App Store. This is not available on Windows 7, only 8 and above as you said. Sorry about that. I will make sure that that is clarified in our documents. Thanks.


There is always the option of taking the source code and converting it into a windows program that would run on Windows 7. I know, that's a lot of work. The alternative is to use the ASCOM driver and use a third-party program such as Cartes du Ciel. It provides a lot of functionality but is not as intuitive as ExploreStars.


Again Thanks for the info Jerry.

The point that is odd to me is I have read the two discussions on cloudy nights and nobody talked about any Windows version.  

Maybe you should verify with the design team about this before changing any notices.

I have used Cartes du Ciel as well as Skytools and Starynight for a long time.  I've had Skytools since Windows XP and Starynight on Windows both are still working, no problems.  And these programs still receive support.  Though I have not had any problems with them.

It just surprised me, I do hope that Explore Stars has the same success.

The reason I am so interested in it is I am looking for a new mount.  Age has made me tired of lugged a 70lb. pier about.  Am looking into the EXOS 2 PMC mount.  I have opened dialog with Explore Scientific about this.

If I have to upgrade I will upgrade.

Thanks again,

W. Christopher Moses

Frankly, It never even entered my mind that anybody would still be using Win7 for Astro gear. Windows 8 came out in 2012. With the amount we spend on this hobby, $100 for a new OS that gives you faster performance and more capabilities seems like a bargain.  Unless you have a specific reason not to upgrade, I strongly recommend you do.



Actually it is 200 to upgrade.

Just have not had a reason.  Things are working fine, I only upgrade when the need arises.  Maybe it has!

I really don't believe in upgrading to be upgrading.  
My whole career was in electronics and software research and development.
I am retired now.  
Maybe I view it a little differently.

Doesn't really matter, if I have to upgrade I will. LOL.


W. Christopher Moses

I hear you.
As a software developer, I can honestly say that the jump from win7 to win10 is pretty significant in terms of stability, speed and features. It isn't without a small learning curve, but I really do think you will find it worthwile.  Of course, make sure your hardware can support it first.

W. Christopher Moses

Also, I just checked and they still have Win10 Home OEM editions for sale for $99 and Pro OEM editions for $139.  Just FYI.



Thanks for the info.  I will check this out.

Unless Microsoft lied to me I can upgrade, according to their software packages my system meets requirements.

The whole reason I have not integrated my computer into my astronomy habit is because it was a little to hodge podge.  ESPMC Eight system really looks to streamline this integration.  Which is great!  I believe that the equipment should disappear when being used.

In this case it should drop into the background so that an individual can focus on the eyepiece or display and just enjoy.

Wonder if my age has something to do with this attitude.  LOL.

Anyway, thanks again,

W. Christopher Moses

Jerry has expressed almost the exact same view in other threads.  And, I have always aspired to such a system.  That is one of the big reasons I went with the G-11 pmc-8.
So far, I love the system. There has been a small learning curve - if you have read the cloudy nights threads, you have seen it, but 99% of that really just amounted to documentation of exactly how things work. As an early adopter, and a software developer, I naturally want to push things to their limit.  Jerry has been great with helping me understand things.