Updated Android Version of ExploreStars Application


I have updated the Android version of the ExploreStars application on our website, available here:

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY INSTALLED THE APPLICATION, you need start at STEP 5 of the instructions to download and install the application. I would suggest that you uninstall the application prior to re-installing it.

Here is the direct link to the APK file

The following changes were made based on the feedback provided by Cyril and Jennifer. Thank you!!


Tour drop down is now in red

The number of items returned in the catalog is no longer displayed in the Search box

If the Search string is empty, nothing happens.

If the Search string length is 4 characters or less, then only the names and titles are searched

If the length is greater that 4 characters, then it will also search the description fields

When it returns from a search, the search string will show in the Search box

The version number on the About screen is 1.0.18099.354

Please let me know if you have any issues installing this latest version of the application.


Jerry Hubbell

Director Electrical Engineering

Explore Scientific, LLC.