UPDATED PMC-Eight ASCOM Driver version 20180327BETA - ASCOMPAD


I have update the BETA version of the PMC-Eight ASCOM driver which includes the ASCOMPAD fixes. Please see my previous message about getting the latest version of the ASCOMPAD program version 2.09. I have fixed a few little issues with the previous BETA version, namely the intermittent SLEWING status indicator. I have also completed a few little features that were left out of the previous versions, i.e., Optical parameters are now included on the Site Data tab.

I have also added some notes on the setup dialogue box to help those who might have questions about the different settings. If you hover you mouse pointer over the field, the ToolTips information will come up also (this has always been there, I just updated the information.)

Here is the link for the DLL file:

Just rename the previous one by appending some characters and then copy this one to the directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ASCOM\Telescope

I have also posted the Conformance Test Results for this driver in the files section here:

Take a look at the test report, you will see how extensive it is and why it is a great tool do to regression testing on the driver after major changes are introduced.

After everyone has a chance to run this version and give me their feedback, I will package it in the installation setup program for release and update the SDK download also.  I  would appreciate it if anyone who would like to comment on the use of this BETA driver would respond by Friday, April 10, 2018. That gives you 2 weeks to let me know if you found any bugs or would like to see a change. I will take such suggestions under advisement and determine if I will implement the change.

I very much appreciate everyone's help on this release. This is the first public release of a BETA version of the driver and I hope to be able to do this in the future if everyone likes this.

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.



I took a look at that test report.  Yes, very nice! 
Testing is all weather dependent, but if I am able to take it for a spin, I will.

- Bob