Welcome to the PMC-Eight Application Subgroup.

Unlike the other subgroups that are restricted by Terms of Service Rule Number 8 ( discuss matters directly related to the PMC-Eight. 

The PMC-Eight Application subgroup is for discussions about other third-party applications that make use of the PMC-Eight and make up your entire Astronomical Imaging System (AIS), and IS NOT restricted to discussions directly or indirectly related to the PMC-Eight system.  

Here is the new addition to Rule Number 8:

The PMC-Eight Application Subgroup is available to members to discuss all manner of third-party equipment, software, and other materials needed for our customers to have the best experience using the PMC-Eight system with these third-party products. The discussion SHALL NOT BE LIMITED TO describing the how and why of the setup, configuration, and any other requirements needed to properly get the third-party product to work effectively with the PMC-Eight system.
In the PMC-Eight Application Subgroup, the members are invited and encouraged to discuss the integration of all the various third-party tools as necessary to get the best performance and experience using these products.

The only restriction is that members are not to either bash, or promote any specific manufacturer or product over any other manufacturer or product.  All that is required to keep from having a message or thread locked or deleted is to just state the facts about any circumstance or feature of the product and how you have configured or set it up.

These discussions do not need to be connected to the PMC-Eight directly or indirectly, rather this is a subgroup for all PMC-Eight owners and users to exchange ideas and information concerning how to setup and use all the various applications we employ. 

This is where users of the PMC-Eight can post relevant information about how various third-party applications can be used to get the most from PMC-Eight products.

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