The SYSHELP subgroup is for those that are looking for help on using the PMC-Eight System, configuring the system or want to discuss any issues they are having with the controller.

The Explore Scientific PMC-Eight Forum is managed by Jerry Hubbell, Vice President of Engineering for Explore Scientific, LLC. This group is about the PMC-Eight Mount Control System and the open-source OpenGOTO Community.

The PMC-Eight Mount Control System is delivered on several of the Explore Scientific mounts including the Losmandy G11, the Explore Scientific EXOS 2, and the iEXOS 100 mount. The PMC-Eight is delivered with the OpenGOTO Community open source ExploreStars Application available on Windows, Android, and soon to be released on the Apple iOS system. We also have available for download the  ASCOM Standard compliant PMC-Eight ASCOM driver for use with third-party ASCOM client programs such as Maxim DL and Cartes du Ciel.
This is a public forum for our customers to discuss their experience with the PMC-Eight and the associated mount hardware.

You can get started by reading our knowledge base article Getting Started With Your New PMC-Eight Control System.
You can find more information at Explore Scientific USA and at the ExploreStars website.

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